The WSJ Blogger is written by Jim Borden, Associate Professor of Accounting at Villanova University. The WSJ is an outstanding educational resource, and as such, Jim incorporates the Journal into all of his classes and encourages his students to make the WSJ part of their daily routine. This blog is designed to further that objective by highlighting selected articles from each day’s issue. The chosen articles cover a wide range of topics, reflecting Jim’s eclectic tastes. So whether it is a story about his beloved Apple, high yield bonds, EBITDA, Personal Technology with Walt Mossberg, Tuesday’s Health and Wellness section, or Philly sports, the goal is to inform, educate, and entertain his students.

In addition to the daily WSJ postings, Jim posts articles, book reviews, videos, and commercials that are relevant to his teaching and personal interests.


(Please note that many of the WSJ article links require a subscription to read the full story.)